Behind every great story is a journey of how it all began. Fondest was founded in late 2020 by Josephine. The inspiration drew about from combining her two passions at hand:

  • Finding clothes that embrace curvier women (especially for those booti-ful women *wink)
  • Bring awareness of quality over quantity and reduce wastage

It all started with her frustration to find clothes that fit curvier silhouettes in the fitting room.

"Why do most apparel out there only fit the straight supermodel body frame?"
"Why do I always have to buy 2 sizes up just to fit my hips but yet, it doesn't fit my waist?"
Coming from a zero fashion background, she decided to challenge herself on how conventional pants and dresses are made. She was certain there would be many women out there that struggle to find a product that fits their booti-ful figure. You know what they say, the hips don't lie! (*queue Shakira*)

So if you have BIG hips, BIG dreams and a BIG heart, you're at the right place!

Why we started this

Here at Fondest, we focus on curating stunning clothing that embrace your curves.
We spend a great number of resources on each design to make them figure-friendly for every complex and beautiful woman's body so you can go out there and conquer the world!

Fondest's designs are truly exclusive:

  1. Limited editions can range from 100 pieces to 300 pieces per colour. In hopes that you feel special wearing them and treasure the uniqueness of each creaion.
    Psst... this means lesser chances of bumping into someone in the same outfit too!
  2. The Classics are thoughtfully curated for the kind-hearted souls. For every Classic piece sold, we will donate RM3 to our #FondestDream partner currently, Free Tree Society.
    The designs and colours for these pieces are timeless. Certain pieces may also contain a higher percentage of natural fibres. We hope to minimise our carbon footprint by incorporating more natural fabric into our designs in the near future.
    Wish us luck!

Where we're from
Fondest loves supporting local businesses:

We locally manufacture approximately 50% of our garments! 50% are made in China by our local manufactuer due to lack of manpower and resources.
MORE IMPORTANTLY, we select local manufacturers that hire a majority of Malaysians. After years of searching, we are happy to have found and work with local manufacturers that employ 70% Malaysians!

"Little steps to behind kinder to the environment is also being kinder to your future self."
Fondest's baby steps:

We donate RM3 for every item purchased from The Classic line to Free Tree Society so you can give to charity while shopping, win-win! Do check out the cool stuff they do here.

producing Limited Editions in exclusive quantities to encourage our consumers to handle their Fondest garments with care in order to reduce wastage. How to care for your Fondest piece? Check out our product description!
We avoid dyeing our colour fabrics and prints and purchasees fabrics that are already available in the market. We also try to give deadstock fabrics a second life by using them as lining in some of our dresses.

Local labourers are way more costly, about 2x to 3x actually! However, we are happy to sample and produce approximately 50% of Fondest's apparel locally to minimise our carbon footprint. (I heard you! "Why not 100% locally?" Unfortunately, our local manufacturers are lack of manpower and machinery to sustain the business. Hence, we have to outsource another 50% to be made in China)

Single-use plastic bags are a major NOOO for us! We avoid using any protective plastic packaging throughout the entire process from manufacturing to Fondest's warehouse and finally, into your hands! Although they put a lot more weight on our fondest's operation team members, however we are happy to so. Plastic's are insanely more affordable and covenient, we'd rather absorb the cost and produce packages that range from paper envelopes to cute reusable bags!

We want to be honest and transparent.
That's why we're admitting that we are not the MOST environmentally conscious brand out there.
However, we are constantly searching for new ways to be better and kinder.
We cannot wait to implement these changes over the next few years with each and everyone of you!

Join us on our journey today. Let's look cute while minimising waste together!