About Us

First of all, thank you for reading

this before your purchase


Here at Fondest, we create designs that are timeless. Fondest firmly believes in creating apparel that have a great fit. We spend a great amount of resources on each design to be properly fitted on a complex and beautiful women’s body.

Fondest’s designs are truly exclusive with less than 150 pieces per design and colour in the world. May you feel special wearing them and treasure the uniqueness of each creation. We hope to be a part of your journey to acheiving your #FondestDreams!


Fondest loves supporting local businesses.

We locally manufacture everything from garments to packaging, save for fabric (we’re working on that!)

MORE IMPORTANTLY, we select local manufacturers that hire majority Malaysians. After years of searching, we are happy to have found and work with local manufacturers that employ 70% Malaysians!


“Little steps to being kinder to the environment
is also being kinder to your future self.”

Fondest's baby steps:
  • Producing small quantities and limited edition designs to encourage our consumers to handle Fondest’s garment with care and reduce wastage. How to care? Check our product description!

  • Time and consideration searching for the right deadstock fabric used as lining on some dresses.

  • Local labour is way more costly. However, we are happy to sample and produce all of Fondest’s apparel locally to minimise carbon footprint.

  • We HATE plastic packaging! Although they are insanely more affordable, we’d rather absorb the cost and use 100% recycled materials for our tags and packaging including creating cute reusable tote bag

  • Single used plastic bags are major NO! We avoid using any protective plastic packaging throughout the entire process from manufacturing to Fondest’s warehouse and finally, up into your hands!

We want to be honest. We are not the most environmentally conscious brand out there.. We are constantly searching for new ways to be better and kinder. And we cannot wait to implement these changes over the next few years with each and every one of you!