Free Tree Society


THE Fondest Dream of 2022 is to do more for our home planet that we hold dear. That's why we've reached out to some friends over at Free Tree Society (FTS) for a little help. We also want more people to know about the cool things they do, like giving out "free" trees to green the earth while planting seeds of love for nature in our hearts.

FTS ftw!

But. to have an eco-conscious community is a team effort, so we're looping you in too!
Whenever you buy a piece from our Classic Series, we will be dedicating RM3 to Free Tree Society's causes. Now, you and Mama Earth can look good together! Ladies supporting ladies.

Since day one, giving back has always been the core of what we do at fondest. We're so happy that we're now another step closer to our goals, we couldn't have done it without you B!


A non-profit environmental society backboned by a selfless,earth-loving bunch. They dedicate their time to promotion environmental awareness in line with the United Nation's global goals. Free Tree Society also welcomes volunteers & students to educational workshops to help plant the trees!

They have given away over 40,042 plants to green the earth since 2013

They are led by a team of strong, passionate ladies - Mother Earth says yass to girl power!

They ethically source chemical-free fertilizers and pest repellents locally.

Their Kelak Gelak Fund provides free mature fruit trees for orphanages and children's shelters.